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Mad Max: Fury Road movie review

30 years after “Beyond Thunderdome”, George Miller brings us a NEW installment in the post Apocalyptic world of Mad Max. Jeremy brings you his review of “Mad Max: Fury Road”!

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Was Mad Max An Underrated Gem?

Is Mad Max underrated? Well, it pulls disparate bits from other open-world games without reinventing the wheel. But when it’s good, it’s really good. The novel aspects it needed to get right – the vehicular combat, the bleak desert setting – it masters with aplomb.

Does the sum of its parts mean it deserves to be heralded in the same breath as the open-world classics it shared a release year with? Maybe not, but to ignore it based on it paling in comparison is to do it a disservice. There are heaps of fun to be had in Mad Max, and it’s well worth laying down your own tread marks.

Everything GREAT About Mad Max: Fury Road! (Part 1)

Fury Road! Is it the best Mad Max? I refuse to say, but yes, yes it is. I’m by no means the first to praise this film, but I promise you I noticed at least one thing you haven’t seen before. So here’s everything right with Mad Max Fury Road! Part 1.

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MAD MAX: Before You Buy

Mad Max (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Linux) is here! Gameranx gives you some quick impressions on what you need to know before jumping in. Have you played Mad Max yet? Let’s talk about it!

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