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Carnivores 2 Cheats For PC

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Carnivores 2+ Mod | Hunting Amargasaurus and All Dinosaurs (Gameplay & Download)

This mod takes place roughly a few years after the original Carnivores 2 tour. However, it takes place right around the Amargasaurus migration so you’ll need to work up your skills once again if you want a chance at bringing down one of these amazing dinosaurs.
Mod Creator: RaptorKlaw

Now this mod also includes a lot of necessary continuity errors and other things that made the game seem off. Here is a full list of all additional features and fixes for Carnivores 2+…

-Velociraptor is slightly faster and includes new sound effects for the dying animation.
-Chasmosaurus has a brand new dying sound.
-Velociraptor, Spinosaurus, and Ceratosaurus have all received necessary size changes now they are no longer all the same size.
-All dinosaurs have received size changes and or corrections to their menu text.
-Brachiosaurus now has proper footsteps.
-All animals now include mortal zones.
-Spinosaurus and Ceratosaurus are slightly more aggressive.

-Mt. Kirk map
-Object 012 map
-Ancient Coast map
-A new weapon: the Revolver
-A new dinosaur: Amargasaurus

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Carnivores 2 ADDONS 2021 | New DINOSAURS & WEAPONS

In this video, i show new dinosaurs and weapons released as addon during the 2021 year for Carnivores 2 (some dinos can be used in Carnivores+ or Carnivores 2+ mods and some weapons can be used in Carnivores: Ice Age too).


-AK – 47:
-Halo Pistol:
-Madsen Light Action Rifle:
-Tactical Pistol:


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Carnivores 2 Debug Mode

Type debugup while playing carnivores 2 to activate this mode