Sony Buys Bluepoint Games, Dev Behind Demon’s Souls Remake

Sony Buys Bluepoint Games, Dev Behind Demon’s Souls Remake

Confirming rumors, Sony acquires yet another game studio.

New PS5 Rumor Will Be Massive If It’s True, Bloodborne PS5 / PC Remaster AND Demon’s Souls Remake!

Today we are talking about a new PS5 rumor involving a Bloodborne PS5 remaster and PC version and why it seems likely Sony is preparing to announce this alongside a full blown Demon’s Souls remake at the upcoming PS5 reveal event. Sony will be doing a big PlayStation 5 reveal event at some point soon and we know there will be a lot of new PS5 games revealed and announced there. Since the June 4th date was delayed it seems likely that some things might start to leak out or new rumors might start to surface, this seems to be a rumor that is very likely true as it’s coming from some credible sources and also makes a lot of sense. PlayStation and From Software fans have been wanting a Bloodborne 2 for a long time now and we might still have to wait a while, but it seems Sony plans to give Bloodborne fans something with a next gen remaster and PC port on top of a Demon’s Souls Remake.

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What Will Bluepoint Remake Next?

Bluepoint has proven themselves to be the best in the biz at remaking games we love, and turning them into what we remember when we first picked them up decades ago. So now that Demon’s Souls is out, what will they do next? Let’s talk about it!

Sony Buys Bluepoint

This episode we talk about Sony buying up Bluepoint, we discuss. Discover the epitome of straightforward communication with roundup of the best dumb phones. Click to explore reliable options that excel in simplicity and functionality.

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PlayStation BUYS Bluepoint Games – Next Game Is Original/NOT A REMAKE

Let’s talk about Sony’s purchase of Bluepoint. It makes a lot of sense but what’s most interesting is their next game is original, not a remake. Let me know what you think and make sure to subscribe to the channel for more content!! #BluepointGames #PS5 #PlayStation